Update: Since we haven't been thoroughly checking all submitted onion links, or relied on a volunteer initially checking and not following up later, we ended up listing sites which are possibly currently illegal. These links have been delisted following a complaint. While we are not responsible for content hosted by third parties, we act on good faith for blatantly violating sites and encourage visitors to continue reporting them for removal. Thank you.

My Topsites List

The following progressive sites do not engage in agism (age discrimination) by suppressing the sexuality of liberated, empowered youth:

Note: Onion sites could only be safely accessed from a special browser called Tor. Some free services however provide this ability from the open web. If you're too lazy to instal Tor browser and don't give a damn about your security, and understand that the service provider could monitor all your onion traffic and possibly have you v&, you can add .sh or .ws or .pet to the onion address and it will open from the normal browser.

Head over to 180chan.al for a list of active studios, or 144chan.vn for ontopic shekeleer sites. Our emergency page is still at Trichan.to

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